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The way of life of Thai people in the past is the rural life of people in an agricultural society where most people are connected to nature and the environment. Each family has a different animal husbandry for the purpose of using them. For food And use it as a hobby such as breeding cocks, cattle raising and betta fish farming

At the end of the harvest season Villagers often adopt their own animals for other activities such as biting fish, chicks, running races, buffalo and bullfights, for example, and it has become a tradition and custom of rural society and has been transformed into gambling.

For more than 20 years, Thai people have known about raising and fighting fighting fish. Because the betta fish is characterized as a tough fighter. Have beautiful colors Until it became a sport game that was as popular as the beating of the chicken

According to legend, there is no clear evidence of biting since its existence. But there is a story later that In the Ayutthaya period, Mon and Burma used the long drum to distribute to Thai people. To play together during various festivals and traditions As for the Thai people, they teach fish biting in return. Later, Burma brought back fighting fish to the country. And has been very popular

Nowadays, fish fighting competitions have deteriorated in popularity. Most farmers prefer to raise betta fish for their beauty.

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In Thailand there are many breeders of fighting fish. We are one of them How are we different from other sellers? We believe that if you buy a betta fish You have to want the quality of betta fish as you can see in the picture. Our shop takes this issue very seriously. We select high quality betta fish.We will not send sick fish. Or bad quality To customers absolutely

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There are many species of betta fish today. We can categorize betta fish by their tail and species by color of betta fish.

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Betta fish are easy to pick up. You just understand the nature of betta fish, which are animal with a carefree area. Therefore, we have to separate the utensils for each party. So as not to allow the fish to hurt each other

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