ฺBetta fish tank

betta fish tank

ฺBetta fish tank


             Are you looking for a betta fish tank? And how do you know which type of betta fish tank is suitable for betta fish?

     By nature, betta fish live In shallow water bodies And still water They will rely on them alone. Create your own territory

     Which is not very large territory Creates air bubbles on the water surface as a nest and hides.


            From experience We are a breeder of betta fish for more than 20 years, we will tell you the pros and cons. What we will bring to raise      betta fish to know the truth from the real experience Because there is a lot of news or information online that betta fish cannot be raised in      narrow places such as bottles or glass, which is true or not. We will come to educate everyone to know the truth.


   Let’s start with the best things in bringing up betta fish.


           1. Betta fish tank


Admittedly, the betta fish tank is the most suitable for raising betta fish. Betta fish tanks are available in many variations. And many sizes, you should have a little knowledge in choosing the right betta fish tank. Betta fish are adaptable to the environment. The size of the tank should not be less than 5 agllons. Filtration is also important. still waters, but we should be careful and have to maintain good water conditions at all times. Your betta will stay healthy, not easily sick and beautiful all the time. We suggest you to choose Bright LED lighting, it will make your fish more beautiful.


              Pros  :  The betta fish tank comes in a variety of sizes if you choose the right one. Will make your betta cheerful, healthy, not easy to get sick, betta will not stress. Does not bite on the fins and tail

              Cons  :  You’ll need to keep your betta fish tank clean.You may need to change the tank some time, which will take some time. And must be cleaned If you don’t have time to clean Your betta can become sick and die.


betta fish tank



         2.Glass bottle


                       Many people may understand that betta fish cannot be raised in glass bottles. But actually Most of the fighting fish farms in Thailand. Use a glass bottle to feed all betta fish. You might think it is an animal torture. But in fact, betta fish can live in a glass bottle. And the fish are strong, colorful, beautiful, do not get sick and have a long life. Depending on the method of raising You just need to change the water in a glass bottle 2 days a time on a regular basis. You can now raise betta fish in a glass bottle.


             Pros  : Raising in a glass bottle will save space. And easy to move You can place betta fish anywhere in the house. May be placed at the desk. And can be moved to the bedroom the next day Changing the water is convenient, all you need to do is lift the glass bottle and pour out the water. And keep your hands closed to keep your betta out of the bottle. Then pour new water into it, it takes only 1 minute, then change the water.

             Cons  :  You have to change the water regularly. Because the water will lose 1-2 days faster than normal, need to change the water Otherwise, your fish will die.


betta fish tank



       3.Plastic box


                  Another thing that can be used to feed betta fish, you just need a plastic box that is the right size. Should be clear plastic So that we can see the fish inside

                  You can buy or use plastic boxes that you have in your home to raise betta fish. With light weight You can place a plastic box for betta fish. In the corner of the room Or can be placed in the interior of the house Just do not expose to the sun. Changing the water is very easy. You just scoop out your betta fish. Then pour out all the water in the betta fish box Then add new water Water change period Depending on the size of the plastic box If large tee You don’t need to change the water often. You can observe the quality of the water in the plastic box of betta fish.

                Pros : Economical, you can find plastic boxes in your home to feed betta fish. Changing the water is also convenient if you choose a plastic box for betta fish that is the right size. Just this is enough for 1 betta.

               Cons : You will need to keep an eye on the water used to raise betta fish. Do not let the water go to waste Because it will make the betta fish sick and die



betta fish tank


 Betta fish are unique in their beauty. If you try to feed them, you will be fascinated by them. https://youtu.be/zEd5FygxbLA


 By this point you may have understood how to choose a betta fish tank and understand the nature of betta fish. But if you have  problems in raising betta fish We are happy to advise you. We are an expert in fighting fighting fish from Thailand. Our farms are of high  quality. And what our farm treats in conjunction with breeding is Our betta farm is an environmentally friendly farm. We use nature   simulations On the farm as much as possible For all fish to feel relaxed Like being in nature


Sample fish from us    https://cherrybetta.com/product/nemo-multicolor-halfmoon-male-high-quality-120/


If you are looking for betta fish You have come to the right place We have high quality betta fish. For you to choose to buy We have a large number of customers from all over the world. We are confident that you will receive quality fish from us. And you will be impressed when you meet them.


Thank you to all customers who trust and love our betta fish. Our shop also has accessories. And medicines for betta fish for sale And there is also a lot of knowledge about fish and we keep them on our website. You can read it at Blog.


Hope you can contact us soon.

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