Betta fish female

betta fish female

Betta fish female


                   Before you buy a betta Come to raise gulp What you should know first is You have to know the difference between a male betta fish. And female betta Cultivate that if you choose to buy betta fish from the website You’ll only be able to view pictures or videos of betta fish, you might be confused about whether the fish you want is male betta or female betta


                  How to look at females is not difficult. Notice the fins.

                  You can see from the picture shown. This is a female betta It can be seen that the fins are short. Although it is a species of betta fish that usually have Halfmoon. Very long fins


female betta


                     Another way to observe female betta fish is Look at the bottom, where the female betta fish has a white spot, that is, the ovary when the fish bites. breed together, the eggs in the belly of the female betta fish come out this way. The ovaries are very noticeable. Only female betta fish have eggs in their stomach. Ready for breed


female betta

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               As you know How to raise a fighting fish that must Separate each one from each other Because of the nature of betta fish is a fish that has an aggressive character and territorial if the betta is in the tank together, the 2 fish will attack each other. Until one of them surrenders Or died Most of which will die from fighting fish. A fighter fish Will fight until he dies

              But there are exceptions For female betta Which we may be able to raise in a tank together, but the tank that is raised Should be the right size for the number of female betta fish that we will bring together. Because although the female betta will not As aggressive as the male betta But there may be some female betta fish Who likes to attack other female betta fish, we have to find a large tank So that the weaker female fish can escape or hide.





 If you are a breeder or would like to try to breed a betta fish, you may want to know what female betta fish to breed. And how many times can a female betta fish breed?

            The first step in choosing a female betta is to look at the fin, beautiful shape, and look at the belly of the female betta. If the fish is ready to breed, it will be seen as a nest in the belly of the fish.

            You can breed female betta fish. As we want But have to leave a period of about 1 month in order for the betta to rest And in the stomach there are eggs again


female betta

 If you have trouble choosing a female betta. We can help you. We welcome problems and advice. From more than 20 years of experience

We will select only the perfect female betta fish and beautiful colors. And most importantly, good health

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