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betta fish lifespan




        Betta fish are beautiful fish that are very popular with each other. With beauty and distinctive features that are unique If you are interested in buying betta fish to raise You may have a question about that betta fish. How many years does betta fish live on average? We’ll tell you the truth that you should know before you buy betta fish.



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          The average life of betta fish is about 2-3 years depending on many factors. And how to raise And that is   not from the date you bought the fish. Because of the age of an adult betta fish They are ready to sell. They are about four to five months old, meaning that before you buy betta fish from a betta store. You must first ask the age of the fish. Once you know the age of the betta fish you want. From now on, we’ll show you how to make your betta fish last longer.



         One of the keys That will make your betta last longer. Starting from how to choose betta fish. If you go shopping at a betta store It will be easier to choose fish. You will notice that betta fish are healthy, young, and strong color. You should not choose a fish that is pale, because that is the one that is sick.

Should not choose fish that Torn fins and tail And there are traces of injury Healthy fish Will be able to swim, be energetic, enthusiastic Responds to other betta fish Or reflector





How to Give Your Bettas a Longer Life



1. Good food and the right volume.


       A good and wholesome diet will extend the life of your betta fish. The food that is most suitable for betta fish is a living organism that is small because of nature, betta fish are carnivorous. But if you can’t find this kind of food Ready-made pellets can also be fed to betta fish.

The technique of feeding is Gives the right volume Should start from giving a little Notice if the betta you feed has eaten up or not. If the next meal is eaten up, it may increase the volume. Be careful not to overfeed so that the betta can’t eat it all. Because the selected food will spoil the water Making betta fish sick and dead

Feeding tips for finished pellets Most of the packaged food. Will contain flour The properties of the starch is that when exposed to water, it will expand further. When the betta eats the finished pellet food Food will expand in the belly of the betta fish. May cause problems for the digestive system of betta fish. Which is very dangerous

How to feed ready pellets is Give a little And before giving the fish to eat The finished pellets should be soaked in water until the food is puffed up first. Therefore scooped the fish to eat The betta will stop eating when it is full.




betta fish for sale



  2. Maintain water quality


          Keep the water clean With regular water changes Especially if you feed betta fish in an airtight container. The duration of the water change depends on the size of the tank and the quality of the water. If you keep the water quality clean Your betta will never get sick and stay healthy, and you’ll enjoy gazing at your betta when it swims in a tank. To allow the water to circulate gently To give your betta exercise





3.Preventing Fights Between Male Bettas for a Full Lifespan


      Betta fish are territorial. Especially the male betta fish If you let the 2 male betta fish stay close to each other It will hurt each other. Which is certainly not a good result Because male fish will fight with each other Until one of them gives up But most of them will fight until they die. Therefore, we should separate the male betta fish. And if you want to feed many male betta fish And placed in a condominium arrangement You should have opaque material blocking the fish from seeing each other. Betta fish will not clear up. For female betta fish, you can bring them together, but the tank must be large enough for the betta fish. Not too narrow, although sometimes there may be some arguments.



 4.Betta Fish Tank


         You may have received news from the internet that betta fish should not be raised in a narrow place, such as a small bottle, a glass of water, which is a misunderstanding. Betta fish are very patient aquatic creatures. He can be in a small bag with little water. Without eating To travel from Thailand It takes 5-7 days to reach customers from many countries. Betta fish farming in Thailand is mostly in small bottles. In order to raise a large number of betta fish From the past experience Betta fish raised in a small bottle or a glass of water can also Grow up and be healthy

But you should know how to change the water to suit the container that you bring your betta fish. If you raise it in a small bottle You should change the water every other day. If you have betta fish in a Betta Tank, you should keep an eye on the quality of the water. If the color of the water is cloudy or smells Just change the water, your betta fish will live longer.


How to choose a betta fish tank?



If you have any problems or questions about betta fish farming. Our shop can help you solve any problems and help you. We are a breeder of fighting fish from Thailand with more than 20 years of experience. We adhere to the principle of keeping betta fish as close to nature as possible.


If you are looking for betta fish to raise You have come to the right place We are confident in the quality of our existing betta fish. And we are honest Sincere with customers Our customers are supplied with healthy fish that are about 4-5 months old which is the most suitable. To bring to feast

We look forward to hearing from you soon.




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