Caring For Betta Fish

caring for betta fish



 Caring For Betta Fish


Betta fish are easy to raise. Because betta fish do not need an oxygen pump Only you understand its nature


              Betta fish are a unique aquatic animal. Where the beauty and the alluring charm Each, although they are of the same species But may have different colorsIt is a popular aquatic animal around the world. If you are thinking about raising betta fish You should first begin with education, education, and grooming.


            Betta fish are easy to raise aquatic animals. By using only a few farming equipment But it is important to first understand its nature.


      1.Betta Tank


            Betta is a fighting fish. Therefore, we cannot keep fighting fish together. Must be reared or have a barrier to separate the fish. Otherwise, the fish will fight one another until the death of any fish. Especially those who will have an aggressive character Except for female betta fish, you may bring them together. Recommendation is that the container should have a wide area. Not too crowded Cultivate female bites embarrassed, there will be some that are aggressive. And chasing female fish together Therefore should have space To allow the weaker female betta to escape.


                                                                    Betta Male

caring for betta fish


                                                                Betta Female

caring for betta fish



You can feed your betta in a large bottle or tank, but you should be aware that you should separate your betta from its bites. Because betta fish have a habit of possessing their own territory They will immediately attack other betta fish if they are close to each other.

The water used for raising should be clear and pure water. Getting natural water would be wonderful. Just this, your betta is still very healthy


.Example of a beautiful male betta  :

Example of a beautiful female betta :


      2. Water used to raise betta fish


             Although betta fish are very patient animals. But there are some precautions in raising water that is used to raise betta fish. In the past, in the past, betta fish were found in natural water sources everywhere in Thailand. Which the water quality of natural sources is most suitable for raising betta fish

           But in fact, it may bring clean water to feed the betta fish as well. Just the water used to raise the chlorine. We should pay more attention to the water that we will bring to feed the betta fish as much as possible. Aquaculture is the most important part of raising all kinds of aquaculture. Proper water will keep our betta free from disease and death.

           Changing the fish sauce is also important. We should change the water as appropriate by observing the color of the water that we raise. If it starts to get dirty, we should immediately change the water for the betta fish. Because the waste water contains parasites and pathogens That will make betta fish dangerous. Caution in changing the water is The water temperature should be around the same temperature. Just this, your betta fish will be healthy. Always fresh


caring for betta fish



     3.Food for betta fish


 Betta fish feed on living organisms. Small as food Which is considered a meat-eating aquatic animal The ideal food is small insects.

 But they can also eat other foods, such as prepackaged foods. That are sold in many different bands Which is convenient and easy to feed

      Caution in feeding ready meals is that the right amount should be given. Start from about 4-5 tablets at a time before giving 2 meals in  the morning and evening. Notice if the betta eats its food or not. You should not have too many food choices. Because the rest of the food will spoil and spoil the water that we feed the fish quickly


caring for betta fish



Finally, if you want to buy betta fish for farming. You may want to start raising one pair first because the betta fish won’t be lonely. All you need is to have 2 tanks paired together. Tank can be small or large as you want We can place our betta fish anywhere in the house. May be placed on display at the front of the house Or can be placed in the corner of the bedroom

            Many people may think that fighting fish is the same as other fish. Incorporating betta fish with other fish is a mistake. We have to choose betta fish separately from other fish.

             Betta fish are easier to breed than you think you just understand their nature. And if you are looking for a betta fish to raise We encourage you to send us a message. We offer high quality betta fish. Our farm, located in Thailand, has been open for more than 20 years. Through our long years of experience, we have the expertise to breed beautiful betta fish. We only select high quality betta fish for sale. We have customers in almost every country. We consider our customers’ satisfaction as our top priority.


             We guarantee every fish purchased with us. If you are not satisfied or have problems, you can replace your fish or get your money back. Just follow the standard, you have to shoot a video when you get that fish to us.


If you have problems growing betta fish You can send a message to consult us. We will be happy to fix the problem for you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.




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