How to Breed Bettas (Super Easy)

How to Breed betta

How to Breed Bettas (Super Easy)



               If you love the beauty of betta fish. You may be starting to buy one to raise to watch and play. And if you’re more interested in betta fish You might want to try becoming a betta fish breeder. Which breeding of betta fish That is very easy But what is that difficult thing? Today we will explain to you every step of the way from how to choose male betta fish and female betta



ิbetta male



        How to choose a male betta fish Besides the species you want, there are some things to consider: color, shape, tail fin, and most importantly, the betta’s cheerfulness. If you are swimmers that are fluent and not permeable, it is appropriate to bring them as Male father






betta female



        How to choose a female betta The selection method is the same as the male betta fish. But you should consider it first. To observe the belly area of ​​the female betta fish Must have a look at Swollen, which is a characteristic of female betta fish with eggs in their stomach ready to breed.







  Next, let’s take a look at the devices they use. Breeding betta fish


1. Water container, you may choose a plastic box or a foam box, choose the right size. It doesn’t have to be big But it should not be too small

2. Aquatic plants We should add any type of aquatic plant to simulate it to be as natural as possible. Betta fish are relaxed and the male will quickly create air bubbles in their nests.

3. Water with tannins, which we can get from fermentation. Some medicinal leaves


ฺBreed betta


Breed Betta



Step 1.    Pour clean water into a foam box, the height of the water is 5 inches, the water should not be too high because when the fry pods come out of the egg, the fry will still not swim well. Some fall from the bubbles created by the father fish, sinking into the water, the father fish will neck and the fry back up to the nest again. Therefore should not put a lot of water Will make father fish too tired



Breed Betta



Step 2.    Pour a little water mixed with tannin. And add water plants to adjust the environment in the foam box to be as natural as possible The male and female betta fish are released into the container. Take a glass or anything that will separate the male betta from the female betta, because male betta is usually aggressive. Maybe chasing each other female betta fish when they meet for the first time. Therefore, we should first separate the male betta from the female. Leave it for one day to familiarize the male and female betta fish.



Breed Betta




Step 3.           Next 1 day you notice the male betta will create air bubbles to nest. It indicates that the betta fish are ready to mix and then However, we will release the barriers to release the female betta from the bar at 5:00 pm, because even though the male and female betta fish are at risk Already familiar But with the habit of male betta fish will attack the female fish anyway. That we release the female betta fish at this time because Nearly little time of betta fish. Therefore causing male betta fish to attack female betta fish Just a little

And the next day The two betta fish will mix together from 10.00-16.00, this time should find a piece of wood to cover. So that the fish do not panic And do not open until 16.00



Breed betta



Step 4.     At 5:00 pm, let us slowly open and see if the betta fish has mixed fertilized eggs yet. A way to observe the eggs of betta fish is to look at the air bubbles that the male betta nests. Will see a white grain A small nest When we see that we have obtained the eggs, we can catch the female betta fish. And leave the male betta fish The male betta will keep watch over and take care of the eggs until the betta emerges as itself. It takes about 3 days from now. During this time we will cover the planks. Without opening or moving the foam box We won’t have to feed the male betta yet, because during this time the male betta will monitor and care for its young. Which now the fish will not eat the food. It is a very impressive thing.



Breed betta



Step 5.     After 3 days, when we open it, we will see that the fry bite. Starting out from eggs And perched on the surface of the water The scale is a very impressive sight. Here we are, the fry we breed, start to swim out of the bubble nest. But we still don’t have to feed the fry today. Because the newborn fish will have food attached to their stomach as well The food attached will cause the fry to bite for 1-2 days. Next, we will feed the fry to the first meal. I’m getting excited



Breed betta



Step 6.     After 1-2 days, the baby’s stomach will run out of food. The fry will now start to get hungry and start eating. Today we are going to give you our first meal.

There are many different diets for the fry, but the best ones are Moina or Artemia, which if you can’t find the two. We can bring a hard-boiled egg yolk. The fry can eat, but should be careful in giving Do not give too much volume. Because if the young fish cannot eat all of them Will spoil the water Resulting in the death of the fry

How To  Artemia  :

How to  egg yolk  :



Breed betta




How to breed betta is easier than you think. Just do as we say. You too can be a Breeder, all you need is The male betta and the good betta fish You will have many beautiful betta fish. This part is very important. Choosing a good parent breeder Will affect the children of the betta fish


If you are looking for Father, mother, breed of fighting fish, we have all types of distribution. Our betta fish are selected high quality. You can breed it and we are happy to give you step-by-step instructions. And welcome advice on breed problems with more than 20 years of experience


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