What to do when betta is sick

What to do when betta is sick

Diseases of betta fish and methods of their treatment

What to do when betta is sick


Raising betta fish for play or for business purposes often encounter problems with fish disease such as

As usual, betta fish are hardy and adaptable to their environment. If cultured correctly, it is rarely the disease. The disease found in betta fish is rarely so severe that the fish can even die. So if

The party knows the causes and symptoms of the disease that occurs, they can find a way to prevent and treat properly.

Treatment of diseased betta fish is divided into two steps:


1. Separation of sick betta fish. If found that one betta Or more than one is sick To separate the sick fish into a new container. To wait for further treatment The materials used for screening sick fish. Should be cleaned Or sterilize every time after use. Including cleaning the organs of the party to prevent  Spread of the disease to other ponds


2. Disease consideration and treatment. After sorting out the sick betta fish Consider the symptoms of fish. By looking at how it looks What causes the disease? And which method will be treated As well as how to prevent disease Once considered, we can proceed with the treatment plan.




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