What to know before buying a betta fish

betta fish for sale

What to know before buying a betta fish


             when talking about betta fish In the past, many people would think of fish fighting each other for gambling. But nowadays many people have seen the development of the fighting fish species. which has changed a lot from the original At present, betta fish counted as a beautiful fish with unique with colors that have been developed to be more beautiful Therefore, it is popular with people all over the world.

             Currently, the COVID-19 epidemic is spreading all over the world. Many people have to work from home and have to live in the house for a long time. Many people choose hobbies to do. such as animal husbandry Betta fish are therefore popular to be raised in the home. But before we can find a betta to feed We should study how to raise first. Today we will introduce from buying to how to raise betta fish.   Let’s get started


1. buying a betta fish online

              buying betta fish Both of us travel to buy at a shop that sells betta fish. or is very popular now is buy betta online Because it is convenient, we can buy betta fish. without having to travel to risk of Covid-19 disease. Another advantage is that we can buy directly from the breeder because now betta farms are popular to bring their own betta fish. Upload pictures of betta fish to sell online in large numbers. Examples of betta trading sources such as ebay.com, Facebook,

              many betta sellers have a website, we can easily buy betta fish. How to buy betta fish online We should contact the seller to request a video of the fish we are interested in. We should choose to buy a healthy betta fish. Notice when the betta swims. Must be fast, look fresh, should not choose a betta that sinks below it, looks not cheerful, moves slowly, because that means that the betta is sick and should not be bought and raised.


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betta fish for sale




2.betta fish tank

             Choosing a container to use for raising betta fish is very important. First, we should get to know about betta fish. Betta fish are hardy aquatic creatures. but has a territorial habit will not allow other bettas to enter in its area absolutely If we bring two betta fish together They attack each other and don’t stop until one escapes. or died Therefore, we should separate betta fish from each other by raising 1 fish/ 1 container.

             Betta fish can breathe in water and swim up to breathe oxygen on the surface. We do not need oxygen tubing to feed the betta fish. Raising a betta is very easy, if you try one, you will love it.


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betta fish tank



3. Betta fish water quality

                   The quality of the water used to raise betta fish is very important. We should maintain proper water quality for betta fish. You may know that bettas are environmentally tolerant creatures. But the right water will keep your betta healthy and disease free.

                   The nature of betta live in still water. Optimum water temperature 76° and 85° F. Water quality should always be monitored. The right amount of food should be given, do not overfeed the betta fish to eat. Because the food that the betta fish can’t eat will spoil, causing bacteria. This makes betta fish sick and possibly dead.

                   The most suitable water for raising betta fish is natural water, possibly ponds, rivers, and clean water. And should put aquatic plants in the tank betta as well as it will make the fish feel less stress and also increase the oxygen in the water




4.betta fish food


             For those who start raising betta fish Choosing food for your betta may not be an easy task. Because you may get a lot of information from the internet that you can’t even know the information about the food of the betta that you are getting. Which one is reliable information?

             Today we will share more than 20 years of experience for you to adapt to you. Because actually betta It is a fish that eats small insects as food. But can they also eat plants? Ready-made pellets as well. We should provide the right amount of food. Do not overfeed betta fish. Because the betta will eat food but be full. The rest of the food will spoil and cause bacteria in the water. may make betta fish sick

             The best food for betta fish is small insect We can find it in natural water sources. But if you can’t find it You can feed your betta ready-made pellets. With so many brands to choose from, how do we know which one to choose? Which brand is the best? Our advice for this is that we should choose from those who reviewed, who we might try to buy for our bettas to eat first. and observe the betta fish whether the betta eat or not If the betta can eat normally, it’s fine.


betta fish for sale


           If you are thinking of raising betta fish. You should study betta fish first. So that you can have beautiful and healthy betta fish.


Betta fish are easy to raise. If you have questions or problems in raising betta fish. You can consult us, we will be happy to fix and give you advice.

or if you are thinking of buying betta fish We have high quality betta fish. for you to choose We have after-sales service. You can contact us 24 hours.



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