Where can I buy betta fish for sale?

betta fish for sale


Where can I buy betta fish for sale?


If you are looking for 1 betta fish. As you may know, there are many places to sell betta fish online. Which there are many online shops selling betta fish website There are also web sites that collect betta fish from around the world for sale, including Auabid.com, ebay. These sites are the places where betta fish breeders from around the world sell their fish for both fixed and auction prices.



betta fish for sale



You may also be able to buy betta fish from There are a lot of direct web selling betta fish. Some stores may be middleman. Some shops may own breeders.

And that is popular and a source of many sellers, including Facebook, will have both a personal page and set up a group of betta fish only.



betta fish for sale



Recommendations for buying betta fish on facebook, then experience the past, both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that most fighting fish breeders in Thailand.

It is popular for sale on facebook. We can buy very beautiful betta fish directly from the farm. At an affordable price We can view both pictures and videos of betta fish.

We should choose to see a video every time we buy fish. Because from the past experience We see a big problem with buyers. OK to buy fish only by looking at pictures You may receive a fish that does not match the picture. Both quality and color



Betta fish



The solution to this problem is very easy. All you have to do is ask the seller to watch the video of the fish you have chosen. And another technique is You should take a good look at the profile of that seller. Breed that the real fish seller or farm will have to post or update his fish all the time. But if the cheaters Will copy other people’s pictures to sell Here, you need to be careful.


Betta fish are traded both in buy, normal and wholesale prices. Currently, betta fish are considered to be the most popular fish to be raised and traded around the world. You may buy it to try and treat it for beauty. Or want to buy and sell

Betta farm in Thailand also offers both services. They may contact each other via facebook or many people choose to travel to the farm. You may waste time traveling to contact the first time. But the advantage is that you can choose for yourself one by one. For the minimum wholesale order Depending on the agreement Of each farm

Which the price and the minimum amount are not the same Depending on the species, color of the fish, the sex of the fish is different. Usually male fish are more expensive than female fish.


betta fish for sale

betta fish for sale


Example of betta fish Male : https://cherrybetta.com/product/nemo-galaxy-halfmoon-male-high-quality-117/

Example of betta fish Female : https://cherrybetta.com/product/nemo-multicolor-halfmoon-female-02/



  If you come to Thailand We introduce one of the country’s largest betta fish markets. You should not miss it if you want to buy beautiful betta fish at a very low price

As we have said Most fighting fish farms in Thailand sell betta fish online on facebook, but they still have one shop for us to buy at the fish market. The advantage is that he will select the fish, but the beautiful place. High quality grading Came to sell at his shop Where is there? Let’s go see it.


      1. Jattujak fish market

Jattujak Fish Market It is a market located in the center of Bangkok, the market is huge. Divide the products sold into zones. It is a market that all Thai people know and are popular to buy a lot of products. This market has been open for more than 60 years. We will only describe the zones that sell betta fish.


     The fish selling zone of this market is located in the area Adjacent to JJ MALL Department Store


betta fish for sale


 In the market you’ll find stalls selling almost all kinds of ornamental fish, including betta, goldfish, guppy, Arowana fish and more.




       2. Thonburi Market Sanam Luang 2

      This market will be a market like the Juttgart market, there will be all kinds of merchandise for sale here, and the product is divided into zones as well. The location of this market is further out on the outskirts. The market has been open for about 25 years and is a new and popular market for people living in the suburbs.

Which we can find to buy betta fish at this market as well Because the owners of the fighting fish farm are also popular to open a shop to sell betta fish here as well. If you get here, you might get some beautiful betta fish. Absolutely unique Not only beautiful colors The price is also cheap.


betta fish for sale betta fish for sale



        3.Fish Village market

The last market we will introduce is the fish village market, which is located in Ratchaburi Province, which is a new market. The builders intend to be the largest fish market in ASEAN. With a large market size And sell only beautiful fish, unlike the past 2 markets With a large area And also located near betta farms

Make most of the farm owners nearby. Let’s open up a lot of shops that sell betta fish. If you walk in, you will see a large number of betta stalls for sale. Most of each shop will select beautiful betta fish. Of that farm to show for sale, it’s not surprising if you are going to buy a betta fish each shop

betta fish for sale

betta fish for sale



These are just some of the things we recommend to you. Whether to buy fish online at home Or will come to choose to buy at the store But at your convenience You just have to choose wisely. Healthy, perfect, not easily sick, which at this point is considered difficult or difficult to choose. Unless you will find a good quality shop or farm.

Therefore, we would like to present ourselves as an alternative for you. Which we have had a long history of betta fish breeding We have customers who love our betta fish in almost every country. Our betta fish will select But beautiful fish And have good health, not easy to get sick, and we are not only selling betta fish. We also consult on various problems of fighting fish.

We have after-sales service. Whether it is a guarantee of transportation Every fish received by the customer must be satisfied with the utmost care. If you buy betta fish from us when you receive it, you are not satisfied.

We look forward to serving you very soon.

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